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Information for parents/carers and students.

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RHS School Gardening Award - Level 1 Achieved

RHS School Gardening Award - Level 1 Achieved
At the Clifton Centre and our satellite centres we are committed to promoting the use of outside space to develop learner knowledge of gardening, food miles, carbon footprint and sustainability.

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Christmas Celebrations 2019

Parental feedback

Parental feedback
The Clifton Centre recognises the need for a strong partnership between schools and families is extremely important for the continued success of learners. At Clifton school uses a range of communication tools to gather parental views and share learner information.

Our parent/carer survey 2019 found

* 97% felt that communication was good or better.
* 91% were happy with the curriculum offered.
* 94 felt their young person had made behavioural progress.

Parental comments included
"School support me and my child with every need we have. They go out of their way everyday to help us"
"My daughter is positive in wanting to come to school and wanting to learn"
"Good communication and updates"
"My son has improved a lot in the last year at Clifton"

2018-19 Outcomes and Destinations

* GCSE points = 321.50, a 50% increase from last year’s (2018) 214
* 75% of students achieved both Maths and English GCSE’s
* Students’ average grade awarded across all subjects was a GCSE grade 2.7
* BTEC qualifications points 32.5, an 81% increase from the previous year
* Students left with an average of 6 qualifications, of this 3 were GCSE or
* 100% pass rate for GCSE English Literature

College Course: 24 students (49%)
Training Provider (e.g. Skills /Growth Company): 11 students (22%)
Traineeship (Hair salon, Army preparation): 3 students (6%)
Apprenticeship: 3 students (6%)

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