Physical Education 2016 - 2017

At The Clifton Centre we place a high value on Physical Education (PE). Both staff and pupils regard PE as a key component of the education we provide, with the aim of developing young people into well-rounded individuals who possess a positive attitude towards physical activity and competitive challenges.

Learning in Physical Education lessons focuses on developing a progression of key physical skills and the application of taught skills and tactics into a small game environment. Pupils are taught to develop balance, coordination and agility as well as an understanding of teamwork, tactics, independence and creativity.


Officially recognised as a sport in the UK since January 2017.Parkour is the art of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, climbing, swinging and rolling. Students attended a 7 week programme at Evolve in Manchester, where they were taught the fundamental movements and created individual free running routes. Both boys and girls conveyed excellent flair and gymnastic style.


Students have been practising their golf at the local driving range and have hit some fantastic club and iron shots. The highest drive being 200 metres. After 2 weeks honing their skills, students went to play at Heaton Park Par 3 golf course.


For a number of weeks Year 10 and 11 boys have been practising their football skills at the JJB soccer dome and Salford sports village. Shooting, passing, tackling and heading have all been taught in lessons and students have been able to show off their skills in weekly tournaments.


Students undertook an 11 week programme at Salford Bridgewater ABA. Throughout the 11 weeks students learnt the basics from the stance and footwork to combinations and defence. Students thoroughly enjoyed this PE activity with the highlight being weekly sparring competitions.

Fitness Testing:

Year 10 and 11 boys were tested to the max when they did the bleep test in order to test their cardiovascular fitness. All the boys showed a real determination to keep going when it got tough and produced some excellent scores. (Jakeum Leigh year 11 got the highest score with 14.1)

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