April 2017

In April parents and carers are invited into school to attend a mid-year review of their child's progress and to discuss new targets for the Summer term.

April Review Day

Parents and carers are asked to complete a questionnaire in order to gain their views. The results are below:

Communication between school and home
Very Poor         Poor        Adequate        Good       Excellent
3%                   3%           9%                  19%         66%

Educational progress
Very Poor         Poor        Adequate        Good       Excellent
10%                 10%         30%                 27%         23%

Behavioural progress
Very Poor         Poor        Adequate        Good       Excellent
6%                   0%           47%                19%         28%

Very Poor         Poor        Adequate        Good       Excellent
3%                   10%         10%                32%          45%

How well is your child looked after
Very Poor         Poor        Adequate        Good       Excellent
3%                   0%           6%                  25%         66%

How we deal with issues of bullying
Very Poor         Poor        Adequate        Good      Excellent
10%                 0%           10%                13%         68%

Do you know how to keep your child safe online?
Very Poor         Poor        Adequate        Good     Excellent
3%                   3%           0%                  13%       81%

Below are the responses from parents/carers.

"Glad school does not ring me over petty things that can be sorted out by yourselves first"

"Feel that my son has had fantastic support whilst at Clifton, he has made significant progress both academically and behaviourally since attending Clifton."

"I am very thankful for how accommodating staff are even though my daughter can be difficult"

" Teachers are always willing to help when problems arise"

" My son has excelled since starting here and staff couldn't be happier with his progress"

"Thank you for helping my grandson, it is appreciated"

"My daughter is doing really well and I am happy with her progress"

"Happy but like my son to go to school more"

"My son's progress is coming along slow but improving"

"My son's behaviour is much better, although sometimes he doesn't do his work. His attendance is better and he is looking forward to leaving and doing Automotive course"

"My son is doing fine"

"Scores would have been better if my son would have worked with school."

" No communication between me and school they phone Youth Service all the time"

"Progressing well!"

"I think my daughter is doing well"

"I would like to say thank you"

"Making sure my son works harder and progresses"

"My son has progressed more since attending Clifton than mainstream and I am more than pleased with his progress and the support shown"

" Very good school"

"My son is enjoying his time at Clifton. The staff are really been helpful for him in everything that he has done."

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